Online Ordering Delivery Trends for 2019

Online Ordering Delivery Trends for 2019

Online Ordering Delivery Trends for 2019

The hospitality industry is developing at a very impressive rate, especially the online ordering area. The industry has seen a radical shift in consumer behaviour over the last 4 years. The introduction of third-party aggregators such as Deliveroo, MenuLog and the infamous UberEats have changed the game. Their food delivery services are providing your customers with food in an astonishing low amount of time without the need for any direct interaction with the store.

What Does This Mean For The Industry?

In Australia, there has been a stunning explosion of food delivery and online ordering services. As our lives get busier and technology get smaller, faster and more user friendly we seek new ways to eat gourmet food, without having to take the time to dine out. This practise has grown beyond a trend and has become a major way of life in our cities. Based on research from Statista, “Online Takeaway” is the largest segment in the food delivery market, with a volume of AU $1,614m in 2017 with this value only going up. This figure doesn’t come as a surprise, with the large growth of the third-party aggregators.

Consumers are expanding their home delivery options from traditional quick service restaurants such as pizza, Thai and Chinese food to include all kinds of restaurants. In a bid to get a piece of the country’s billion-dollar takeaway industry we have seen several new start-up business create technologies that are integrated solutions to the entire sector,

White Labelled Delivery Solutions

While many retailers see the advantages of being able to make more sales without having to increase seating capacity when they use a food delivery service, they are also bearing the cost of the loss of brand recognition and cost concerns when partnering with another company with commission percentages reaching upwards of 35%. Everyone must draw the line somewhere! Enter Deliverit Software.

Based in Melbourne Deliverit Software offers the hospitality industry a business to business solution. Deliverit Software provides QSR with a fully integrated point of sale and online ordering platform. The platform is designed and catoured towards cafes, take away food places and restaurants. The software allows owners to manage their multitude of other tablet devices into the one PoS solution. Not only that but also offers their customers their own online ordering platform to compete with the throttling commissions of the aggregators.

Customers can order anytime and anywhere they want, even outside the business hours with the capability for future orders.

The point of sale system has the potential to full integrate with other online ordering companies such MenuLog and UberEats. Meaning all the order will come through the same printers as your standard in shop orders.

Deliverit provides an excellent white labelled Online Ordering platform with localised branding. This allows you to compete and stand out against the aggregators. These customised websites are fully integrated with the PoS allowing easy editing of menus. Minimising hassle and saving time for the countless other things a restaurateur is required to do.

Find out more by contacting their sales department on 1300 117 117 or submit an enquiry at https://wpstaging.deliverit.com.au/contact/



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